Ethical Ghosts and Skeletons

Biblical truth, trans-cultural as it is, has an indispensable message for contemporary culture. It addresses modern learning, ethics, economic and political concerns, and all the idolatries of our polytheistic society. It proclaims the gospel to a generation that is intellectually uncapped, morally un-zippered, and volitionally uncurbed. Those who consider the latest fads permanently will of course dismiss the Christian message as the last hurrah of an antiquated outlook. They reveal their sickness of soul by derogating terms like morality, piety, family, work, patriotism, born-again, evangelical, theology. Christianity they dismiss as a kind of middle class hedonism declaring it intellectually inadmissible.  They meanwhile espouse a life that neither reason nor spirit nor conscience can condone or support. Repression of sensuality and self-gratification they call psychotically abnormal. Subordination of the flesh they leave to medieval monks or consign to the future resurrection. Affirming sexual pleasure to be the supreme good of a life of unending revelry they waste away into ethical ghosts and skeletons.

–Carl Henry
(submitted by Broun)


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