Guard and Interpret

Since [the gospel] comes from God we must guard it; since it is intended for modern men and women we must interpret it.

–John Stott
The Bible in World Evangelization
(Perspectives Reader p. 23)


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One response to “Guard and Interpret

  1. What is the context of guard here? I always find the concept of guarding the truth interesting, because it’s such a loaded phrase. On the one hand if we do not viciously defend the central truths of the gospel we run the risk of not worshiping God as he has revealed himself to us, but at the same time the Truth has always been, is today and will always be true in a way that is far beyond the ability of man to meddle with (see Revelation 19). Jesus is alive, he does not need to be guarded as though we might kill him again. He needs to be guarded as if he were to return like a thief in the night and all those who are not prepared are destined for destruction, and that looks less like guarding and more like proclaiming.

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